Break Up 2009

Today, Fort Albany had most of its ice break up and after the water began to rise up over the road, to everyones relief, it began to fall. With our large scale evacuation by the military last year, worst case scenarios were on everyones mind. This winter we received significantly less snow and the ice was less thick which has made the break up process alot smoother this time around. I am living on the hospital side with two brand new medics from moosonee flown up to lend a hand should things turn for the worse. Attitudes in town seem to be positive and the general census is that the majority of the main river has broken up and its only the smaller tributaries which need to release their grip on the ice. Hopefully with warmer temperatures this weekend, the rest of the ice can make its way to James Bay and life on the coast can return to normal.

Water Breaching the Causeway (Our only access from the community to the hospital)

Kids throwing rocks at the ice flows
Ice flow
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